Brookhaven Cabinetry

The versatility of built-to-order cabinetry. The superb quality of fine craftsmanship. Together, they make Brookhaven the outstanding value in kitchen cabinetry. Cabinetry designed to be well-used and well-loved, year after year. Cabinetry built to look as good down the road as it does today. Why should you choose Brookhaven over other kinds of cabinetry? Simple: it’s made by Wood-Mode, Inc. That means it’s backed by over 74 years of woodworking expertise, and manufactured to extremely demanding standards using the latest technology. You don’t have to settle for mass-produced stock cabinetry. Affordable, built-to-order Brookhaven gives you greater flexibility, more variety, and more choices in sizes, finishes and special-purpose units. You even get to choose between the modern frameless construction of Brookhaven I or the time-honored full frame look of the Brookhaven II line.

Wood-Mode Cabinetry

The very best in American-made craftsmanship. Wood-Mode luxury products are the culmination of more than 70 years of quality workmanship and design leadership. Best known for the stunning, furniture-grade finishes and extensive customization capabilites, Wood-Mode delivers designer cabientry with quality materials and personalized solutions to satisfy the ost discerning homeowner.

Wood-Mode’s 15-step, hand-rubbed, furniture-quality finish is an industry pinnacle.  Outside of gloss, matte, opaque, or custom finishes, Wood-Mode can reproduce discontinued finishes even decades later, so that no color or finish ever becomes obsolete.

Harlan Cabinets

Based in Harlan, Indiana, this custom cabinet manufacturer offers framed and frameless designs in more than 50 door styles. Choose from oak, maple, hickory, cherry, ash, alder and walnut wood species.
For more than half a century, the versatile Hoosier cabinet set a standard of quality in the American kitchen. And for the past half century, another Indiana original has redefined kitchen and household excellence.

That company is Harlan Cabinets.

It makes sense that a company situated in the heart of the world’s finest hardwood forests should have an unparalleled feel for the true beauty of our finished product. One quick look at the surface of a Harlan cabinet reveals sperior depth of color and clarity of grain. A peek inside unveils mastery of design and mechanical movement.
Savor the moment you first lay your eyes on a Harlan kitchen, bath or office suite. It will redefine how you look at a home.



Pioneer Cabinetry

This semi-custom line is at once functional and fashionable, featuring oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and knotty pine wood species paired with an impressive range of stain and glazing finishes.
Pioneer sets itself apart from other cabinet companies by a few key points:

Experience: With over 500 years of combined experience, the team at Pioneer knows how to deliver a quality product that surpasses homeowners’ hopes and expectations. Each Pioneer team member participates in an aggressive cross-training program to give them the utmost experience in all facets of cabinet manufacturing.

Quality: Pioneer holds quality as its highest priority. From receipt of raw materials through the delivery of cabinetry made just for you, Pioneer’s Quality Assurance Program guarantees you will receive the best quality product for the price.

Customization: Pioneer recognizes that not every cabinet works for every customer, so we are happy to help you create the right cabinet combinations for your home. With so many options in sizes and colors, your home can be customized to your liking without compromising quality or affordability.

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