CKD– What Is That?

 Q. Why should I work with a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD)?

A. With more than 32 years experience, 24 of them as a CKD Bryan has the expertise to carefully take you through the planning process. A CKD knows kitchens from the inside out wiring, venting, cabinetry, appliances, and more and has had to prove that knowledge through a thorough examination process. The CKD adheres to a strict code of professional conduct and remains informed on all matters affecting the kitchen and bath industry.


A Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) is a professional, qualified by education and years of experience to research, design, plan and supervise the installation of residential kitchens.

The CKD has proven technical understanding, knowledge and ability to communicate ideas during stringent examination and is licensed and certified by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

CKD: The Professional Kitchen Designer to Consult
CKDs work directly with home owners.  We also work with architects, builders, and interior designers.  We tackle difficult spaces by finding creative solutions.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that your new kitchen will be technically correct, totally functional, easy and comfortable o work in, hospitable and handsome.  In short, everything you and your family dream it could be.

CKDs make sure you understand all of your choices during the planning process.  We know kitchens from the inside out: from the wiring, venting, and plumbing hidden in the walls, to all the technical and aesthetic alternatives you weigh as you look at cabinetry, appliances and surfacing materials.

CKDs keep up-to-date on new equipment and new construction materials, as well as building codes, safety rules and environmental regulations.

CKDs understand budgets and can explain the pros and cons of products as they relate to the required investment.  The CKDs sound advice will help you make the right decisions for your new kitchen.

From the beginning, your back and forth exchange of information with your CKD will reassure you.  You will get the kind of help and advice you need to solve the puzzle of planning your new kitchen.

A CKD may show you your dream kitchen via floor plans and interpretive renderings and drawings.  This benefit allows you to see what you are buying before it arrives.  All too often consumers “think” they bought something only to end up having to accept something else.  Don’t let this happen to you!  It is the qualified CKD’s duty to show you what you are getting and tell you what it will cost before you buy.

Isn’t this the person you want?

written by Robert Wolfram, CKD