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Ask Doc… (Ask The Expert)

Q: “Doc” Cavins, we are planning a kitchen and we want to have an island, but there may not be enough room. Any help?

A: Certainly. Islands can be a great asset in your kitchen if some basic guidelines are followed.

1) Normal walking through the kitchen at leat 36″ between cabinets.
2) If there is an appliance in the path, 42″ to 48″ is recommended.
3) Be sure the island is not in the way of the sink, range and the refrigerator. You’ll want a clear shot to the fridge when a craving occurs and you don’t want a tell-tale hip bruise.

This can be confusing so call me for help anytime. I’ll walk you through it.


Ask Doc… (Ask The Expert)

Q: I see many beautiful kitchen ads and brochures; it makes it difficult to pick which works best for us. What do you think we should do?

A: As you have noticed there are many beautiful kitchens in ads and brochures, but you also may have noticed that none of those kitchen scenarios accurately fit into your kitchen layout. So in helping you develop the perfect kitchen design that works for you, I use a design principle called, “Form follows function”. This means we will design your exact kitchen so that it functions properly first and then we can improve the form by adding decor and beauty! We want to ensure you like the way your kitchen works because beauty wears off fast if it doesn’t function well.


Ask Doc… (Ask The Expert)

Q: “Doc” Cavins … Continuing with the “Big Box’ controversy, the question was, “Is it cheaper to buy my cabinets from a Big Box Store?”

A: Well, it may seem so, but often we will meet or beat their price and give you a better design. How you may ask! Well consider this… the business here at Cavins Kitchen Village is completely paid for, our advertising budget is kept low and we have no sales employees requiring large sales commissions. At Cavins Kitchen Village, you will work directly with the owner, Bryan Cavins, a Certified Kitchen Designer with over 33 years of kitchen design experience. My staff and I work very diligently to not make costly mistakes, saving you time and money, and working to eliminate headaches and stress. Who needs that!!


Ask Doc… (Ask The Expert)

Q: “Doc” Cavins, we need a new kitchen and we have been told that it’s better to go to a big box store than to have Cavins Kitchen Village help with the project… what do you think?.

A: Well, well, well, excellent question. This will become a part of a series of Q and A for the “Doc”.

The national average says for a family to remodel their kitchen is once in a lifetime.  So, don’t do it alone, or with someone who may quit or transfer to a different dept.  It’s better for you to be guided by a “Certified Kitchen Designer”, like myself, to help you avoid some situations that may crop up.

I want to keep you headed in a positive direction so we can all enjoy a successful completion to your kitchen project.  Look for part 2 of this question where we talk price.


Ask Doc… (Ask the Expert)

Q: “Doc” Cavins, in this depressed housing market, do you think it is wise for us to invest in a new kitchen?

A: Great question! If you intend to live there long term, I believe you should do what you want.  Using the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?” The improvement is for you. Remember, there is no renovation you can do for your home that will add more value than a tastefully designed kitchen. The market will get better.


Just Who Is Doc Cavins?

Doc Cavins is Bryan Cavins, having grown up in Findlay Ohio, he inherited his father’s knack of working with wood. Bryan,aka Doc, became a Certified Kitchen Designer in 1989. Doing kitchen remodeling in downtown Findlay Ohio since 1981. Let his many years of experience diagnose and solve your kitchen woes.

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